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Ghost Production

Dom created a killer Techno track for me from scratch and added all the parts I requested to perfection, he gave great communication every step of the way, I’ll be using him again soon, you should too!

Elad V

Mixing in an Ableton Live Project

Dom went over the track he mixed for me. He explained the mixing process. It was very helpful. He is a great teacher, he is very friendly and he makes complicated processes sound easy. Highly recommended.

Dinle Swain

Tuition – Help with your Track

Great working with Dom, he’s given me some valuable pointers on how to improve my track. His knowledge is excellent.

Matt Jameson

Tuition – Learn to Mix

Dom was very helpful in teaching me the fundamentals of mastering, we covered multi band compression, stereo imaging and EQ.

Ars Lingua

Tuition – Learn to perform

Helped to put my mind at ease for my performance


Tuition – Learn Push 2

Great to work with. A master of his craft. A great teacher. If you’re trying to learn the Push 2 this is a great choice. I also ended up learning so much about Ableton itself in addition to everything he taught me about the Push 2. Totally worth it, and I suggest booking 2 hours instead of 1 because 1 hour will be too short.


Tuition – Help with your Track

Dominic helped me out a lot to make my track sound better, and taught me some small tricks that will make a big difference in the sound. I definitely recommend


Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

Dominic is a great instructor. He makes understanding the world of music production and audio easy to understand. I highly recommend his services – every time I’ve met with him, I always get something incredibly valuable out of it.

Garrett Davis

Tuition – Help with your Track

Great communication, and project turned out better than expected. I’d definitely recommend!

Luke Blac

Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

Understanding, Patient and knowledgeable. I learned a great deal without feeling too stressed out.

Danny VP

Tuition – Learn Push 2

Dominic was amazing. He provided clear and concise teachings and learnings. Truly learnt so much from him on not just Ableton Live but also music concepts and more. A very informative session. Highly recommend.


Tuition – Help with you Track

Very good communication and individualized special offers for project ideas.

Lars Panter

Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

Thank you so much for enlightening a tough process and making it seem manageable and fun at the same time! Great experience, many thanks!

CJ Sheppard

Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

Dom is a great teacher. He’ll move as fast or slow as you want. He never makes you feel stupid for asking basic questions, but he can also go super deep down any rabbit hole you want to explore. I would highly recommend working with him if you want to shortcut your learning curve and master your craft as efficiently as possible.

Linden G


Dom is extremely knowledgeable and so helpful. Our lesson consisted of him showing me how to professionally mix my song. Not only did he show me how to do so, but he explained the process and why we made the choices that we did. These skills that I have learnt can be utilised for all my future songs as well. I would highly recommend Dom’s services and will definitely be booking in with him again in the future.

Rachel Bishop

Tuition – Learn to perform

I am a beginner and asked Dom to help me to create my first music in Ableton. We had some message exchange prior to the session as he wanted to understand the requirements, music style, etc. and then we booked the session. I found the explanations very clear and useful, it also turned out I had some technical problems and Dom was very patient helping me to solve these issues. I have booked another session and I am looking forward to it as I found the way of conducting the lesson very helpful.


Tuition – Help with a Track

Dom is very good, quick thinker, he basically reproduced a track I like in a live session with me on zoom and I learn many tips and tricks from him, thanks man and I will see you soon again


Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

I really enjoyed the private tuition, I was able to ask questions when I wanted and also record the session so I can go back and take notes. Dominic was very professional and great at educating. If you are looking to learn how to produce music I would highly recommend.

The Young Turk

Tuition – Help with your Track

Great guy with good experience with the Ableton Daw system. Helped me get beyond a block on completing a track ready for release.


Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

Absolute legend, super helpful if you got things you want to do – but aren’t too sure how 🙂

Yahoo Lad

Tuition – Learn Push 2

Excellent Teacher and great lessons. Looking forward to more lessons from Dom


Tuition – Djing with Ableton

Always great, thank you so much, my brother, you are the best, we do it again next week.

Dj Diselecta

Tuition – Help with your Track

This is the second time Dom help me with one of my tracks and just like the first time he was a massive help and I learnt a lot. I will be back again. Thanks Again Dom.

Jack Adams

Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

Great session, learnt a lot about some areas to improve on. Great teacher

Will Hearn

Tuition – Learn Ableton Live

It was great talking to Dom. Learned so much and he answered all my questions. Looking forward to next sessions.

Mirzet Karmeric

Tuition – Learn to Mix

Good teacher. Working over Zoom was better than expected with screen share, even with audio editing. Did quality work and no doubt made my project better.

Ed Stouded

Tuition – Help with your Track

Was a really great session! Really helpful and very clear about music production for a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to work on music production or composure. Thanks again Dom!!


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