1 to 1 Ableton Live video call lessons with an industry expert focusing on your specific areas of interest, catering to complete beginners through to advanced users.

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***FIRST TIME BOOKERS – Do not purchase any hours before you have been in contact and have confirmed there are times available and no conflicting time zone issues, go to CONTACT with you inquiry***

Fun & easy practical Music Production &  Ableton Lessons that are suitable for complete beginners through to advanced taught by an expert who’s taught over 300 students one to one!

Popular lesson options often requested

▪ Learn the very basics of Ableton from the very ground up.

▪ Learn how to make a (good) track from beginning to end & all the processors in between.

▪ Develop existing material of your own further – better mix, sounds, structure, make more exciting, etc.

▪ Develop your music into a live set with your own particular set up/equipment.

▪ Song writing – structure, lyrics, chords, vocal melody, instrument & sound choice.

▪ Learn a particular genre/artist inside out and how to emulate it yourself.

▪ Learn to DJ with Ableton

▪ Learn Push 2

▪ Dissect a track that you like, learn exactly how it was made.

▪ Developing your own style and traps to avoid

▪ How to use effects to make your tracks sound professional


▪ Any other area you wish to focus on


1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 6 hours (3 x 2 hours), 6 hours (2 x 3 hours), 10 hours (5 x 2 hours), 12 hours (4 x 3 hours)

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