Suitable for Ableton Live users, receive your track and a project back professionally mixed inside Ableton Live exclusively with native audio effects.

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Not only will you receive a professionally mixed song, but you will also have the project file to examine how it was done and all the effects used. From this you can learn and understand all the processes involved in the mix and work towards being able to mix your own tracks.

Look behind the curtain of what goes into a good mix so you can learn all the tricks yourself.

You can select for Ableton live native effects to be used exclusively to avoid compatibility issues – or – choose from selected these third party plugins, note that any plugins used that you don’t own will not work when you open the returned project on your computer.  List of third party plugins available for use.

Note – You will be sending me a new audio stems project, not your actual project!!! Please read requirements pfd attached.

Please get in contact to discuss before booking to avoid any confusion!


Every individual sound occupying its owns track counts as one single stem. Whenever possible best mix results can be achieved by having every different sound situated on a separate track, this allows individual processing and adjustments of each sound.  For instance in a Electronic track the drums and percussion alone can commonly account for 10 to 20 stems, ie Kick 1, Sub Kick, Snare, Clap, Rim, shaker, hi hat 1, hi hat 2 etc…


4 stems max, 8 stems max, 32 stems max, 48 stems max, 64 stems max, 4 stems max & 1 hour Video Call session, 8 stems max & 1 hour Video Call session, 32 stems max & 1 hour Video Call session, 48 stems max & 1 hour Video Call session, 64 stems max & 1 hour Video Call session

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